Ghost Mickey Halloween Popcorn Bucket ~ MK


As we’ve been reporting, the Magic Kingdom and various stores on Disney Property are showing signs of the upcoming Halloween season. No decorations are up yet, but we’re seeing merchandise here and there which is pretty exciting. While walking through Frontierland on Friday night, I saw this cute little Ghost Mickey popcorn bucket at the popcorn stand. Up until then, I’ve only seen the Dumbo buckets or the souvenir pails.

Mickey has a Haunted Mansion theme to him, and the popcorn sits in a paper container inside the back part. I know each year that these are a limited edition offer, so they won’t be around for long! I just wanted to let you know that I saw the Ghost Mickey buckets already, and where you can find it! There is a glow in the dark version coming out soon too. Super cute, can’t wait to see what else Disney puts out for the season! More to come I’m sure! ~M

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