Rapunzel and Flynn Falling in Love is Amazing

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Tangled is my favorite of all the Princess movies.  Yes I admitted I like a Princess movie.  What’s there not to like about the film?  Flynn and Rapunzel save one another over and over in the film. Mother Gothel is pure evil and her only care in the world is to stay young by keeping Rapunzel trapped in a tower.  There are thugs who are just big teddy bears and don’t forget about Pascal and Maximus.

The Oh My Disney blog put together the story of Rapunzel and Flynn and how they fell in love through pictures from the film.  Enjoy!!

So, there’s this movie called Tangled, and it’s kind of the greatest. Full of laughs and hilarious moments, it’s also incredibly heartwarming and makes us cry just a tiny bit (or a lot). One of our favorite parts of the film is watching Rapunzel and Flynn’s adorably awkward path to falling head over heels in love with each other. It goes a little something like this:

First, we meet Rapunzel.


She is just the best human.

Next, we meet Flynn.


He’s handsome and generally wonderful.

Then, they meet each other!


Their first meeting doesn’t necessarily go the way you’d think a meet-cute should, but it definitely makes for a good story. Flynn, a roguish adventurer, and Rapunzel, a curious but lively shut-in, have a chance meeting in a random tower in the woods. The rom-com writes itself.

They decide to go on a grand trip filled with surprisingly charming thugs and lovable sidekicks.


You wouldn’t think that a pub thug would steal your heart, but they all do.

They really start to support each other during this long trek through the woods.


Flynn rescues Rapunzel from some guards (actually, wait, she saves him) and then he saves them from drowning (no, that was also Rapunzel) and… well, Flynn is lucky that Rapunzel is still hanging around.

By the time we get to the hand healing they’ve developed a solid friendship, but haven’t quite gotten to the romance yet.


They’re so close, though! We can really see it developing.

Then, it happens. We see Flynn stop to appreciate just how awesome Rapunzel is.


Look at his face! He’s practically already fallen for her.

He decides to make the sweetest gesture ever, and takes her out on a dreamy boat ride.


He also brings along two lanterns, which causes one of the most romantic scenes in movie history. Cue the tears.

Mother Gothel jumps in at this point and things get a little rough, but we know in our hearts that everything is going to work out.



Rapunzel saves the day (AGAIN) and heals Flynn with her magic tears. Yes, magic tears.


Then they hug and we just melt because they are so perfect.

At this point they are just connected for life and we know that they’re going to be together forever.


Which they are, in Tangled Ever After! If you haven’t seen it yet we highly recommend it.

What are your favorite parts of Rapunzel and Flynn’s romance?

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