Thursdays Random Acts of Kindness ~ Awesome Disney Cast Members

August 7, 2014


Earlier this week, I did a blog to recognize the work that Disney Cast Members do for guests each day, and here’s a bit more on the subject. When you spend time on Disney property, you start to watch your surroundings and see the extra things that Cast Members do, and how patient and kind they are towards others. It’s not always easy to be nice, but the acts of kindness that I’ve seen CM’s extend have been awesome.

It’s the little things too. From the CM Security people at the front gates checking bags, and how they joke with people and treat the little ones special when they’re getting ready to enter… Heck, sometimes they even call me a “Princess” after they check my purse and wish me a Magical Day. How about the extremely patient parade workers? There’s a CM that we see on Main Street that works the Festival of Fantasy parade, that patiently tells people where to walk and where to stand, or nicely tells them to keep moving, even when people don’t listen. He doesn’t lose his cool, ever. Recently, we were at Pecos Bills at the MK and a little girl hit her head on a bar by the cash registers. You wouldn’t believe how quickly a swarm of CM’s came out to help with the situation. They surrounded her, got her ice for her head and whisked her off into a corner to tend to her needs. Where else but Disney do you see that happen? No place that I know of. I’ve seen so many occasions where CM’s go above and beyond for people, and they really deserve praise for that. Another instance, we were on the boat going over to Fort Wilderness, and some off duty CM’s were in the front of the boat with us. The captain asked for volunteers, and one of the CM’s was given a sword and an eye patch for helping. When he saw my younger son come up from the covered area, he gave him the sword and patch, just out of the blue for no reason. It made his day… and gave me yet another reason to think that Disney CM’s are the best.

Another thing too, is that since we’ve moved here, I get recognized in the Parks sometimes. It’s really exciting for me, and I appreciate that. So, who recognizes me the most? You guessed it….. Disney Cast Members! They have been SO very sweet to me, saying they read TMSM and appreciate what we do. Well, I want them to know, that I appreciate THEM too! Without the kindness of Cast Members, Disney wouldn’t be nearly as magical. So the next time you’re at a Park or Resort, be sure to thank a Cast Member for what they do. They work so hard to keep the magic alive for guests each day, and we love them for it!

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2 thoughts on “Thursdays Random Acts of Kindness ~ Awesome Disney Cast Members”
  1. It’s only recently that I learned you CAN acknowledge the CM’s and CP’s (college participants) for their hard work. My daughter is a CP in Hollywood studios. She is in main entrance–parking lots, driving the tram, spieling on the back of the tram and loading the tram. So many guests compliment her, and make her feel great, but not many know you can let the managers know this. You can go to any guest relations and ask to fill it an applause-o-gram. The managers learn about their staff and get to show them how they were acknowledged by a guest. I think it’s terrific and I started doing it this week, after 20 years of visiting the parks. Too often I juts thought that in such a huge corporation, the positive words would never actually get the the CM/CP.

  2. When we are in the parks, we always say thank you to the CM’s, and it kinda makes me sad that so often they have a look of surprise, like they are not used to people being kind to them. We don’t have little ones, but we love to see the CM’s fawn over the children and make their day magical. Let me add my voice to yours in saying a huge THANK YOU to all the CM’s for the great jobs they do!

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