Dateline Adventureland: Hunting for Laughs with Skip and Birdwatching with Tiki Kiki

From Tallahassee Glover, Adventureland Correspondent, an interview with none other than Skip and Tiki Kiki

Kungaloosh, adventurers! Tallahassee Glover, back again. Some of you intrepid explorers have already discovered the wonders of Adventure Trading Company, now open at Disneyland park. We’ve met quite a few brave souls over the past few days, and I’ve just emerged from the jungles of Adventureland with these exclusive interviews with two of them: Skip and Tiki Kiki.


“It wasn’t my fault,” Skip insists when asked about the infamous incident on the Jungle Cruise dock, “but it is a funny story. I regret nothing … sometimes you have to pay the price for a really funny story.” And losing his Jungle Cruise Skipper license seems to be a price he was willing to pay. Now Skip roams the edges of the river looking for more hilarity to distract him from his lack of employment.

“They’re offering a crash course – get it? – for new Jungle Cruise Skippers …” [Here is where we lost him in a fit of laughter. Seems Skip is pretty good at cracking himself up.] “… I’m going to pass it this time, get my Piranhahaha Juju and my job back!” Best of luck to you, Skip. Those looking to become Jungle Cruise Skippers can inquire at Adventure Trading Company, where they will can pick up The Jungle Handbook for River Navigation.


Anyone who is anyone in the Adventureland entertainment business knows Rita Serbano, especially after her big interview in The Bird Call (now available at Adventure Trading Company). But it’s her sister, Tiki Kiki, who is working hard to make a name for herself and rise out of her sister’s shadow.

“It takes a real eye for talent, you know,” she told me. “Not just any bird can make it in the Enchanted Tiki Room. You have to be more than a pretty face – or beak.” When asked about her sister’s interview, Tiki Kiki was evasive. “Weren’t we talking about me?” she demanded. We at Dateline Adventureland wish her much success … and recognition.

Which of your fellow Adventureland explorers have you met in your expeditions? Tell us your stories in the comments!


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