Thursday Random Acts of Kindness ~ Another Magical CM Moment from Michael!


It’s Thursday, that means it’s time for our weekly Random Acts of Kindness article. This week I’m sharing a story from one of my WDW Cast Member friends, Michael. You’re probably familiar with Michael’s stories, as he’s shared quite a bit of Magic with TMSM before. This incident happened earlier this week and I thought you would like to read about it! Here’s what Michael had to say ~

At work, we had some time, so we all took a stroll through the “Market Place”. It was then, Princess Jasmine said “Michael, look” and pointed to a little Prince in his CARRIAGE. I had Prince Ali and Princess Jasmine keep walking and I stopped to talk to the little Prince. His nurse was taking care of him and feeding him through a tube. I asked his name, Prince Jayden, and from what I understood, he is missing a chromosome to develop. So he will always be just a little Prince. I told the nurse to come with me, and she did, then told me the Mother and brother were on the Magic Carpets. I said I would go and get them, then had the Prince wait under the canopy in the shade while his nurse feeds him. I found the mother on the carpet ride and said I have your son, and we are ALL going to do something special for him. So as Princess Jasmine and Prince Aladdin came back out they came over to the little Prince, and said, “Lets go on a CARPET ride Prince Jayden”! His nurse told me she always read about these kinda stories, and now she and Jayden were LIVING it! When they all came back to after the ride on the carpets, the crowd in the line ALL clapped and cheered for Aladdin and Jasmine. A father waiting for his daughter in line pulled me aside, shook my hand and said that had to be the most amazing thing I have seen yet! I said I work with some AMAZING friends, and Princess Jasmine and Prince Aladdin are just MAGICAL! The father told me we all take advantage of the lives we have and then you see this little boy. I said I LOVE what I do, and just hope to bring a smile to many, as for me I am BLESSED to be part of such an amazing FAMILY at the Magic Kingdom! ~ CM Michael Signorello

I think in our daily lives, we sometimes get caught up, and forget to stop and realize the little things that make life better. What you may consider to be a small gesture, might actually make a huge difference for someone else. My friend Michael is one of the most positive people I know, he’s always looking for the good in everything. I know personally I can learn from that. Hearing stories like this one about Prince Jayden are so heart warming, and a great reminder that there is still so much good that can be done to brighten someone else’s day. I thank Michael for once again sharing with us. If you have a feel good story that you’d like to share, please let me know! Thanks so much, and keep spreading that Disney Magic the whole week through! ~M

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