Mickey’s Halloween Party Disneyland Style

July 28, 2014 ,

Mickey’s Halloween Party Disneyland Style by Aubrey Carruth


I make it to Disneyland about once every other month for a fun fabulous weekend. I always make it a point to go in October… the whole entrance is transformed with Disney jack-o-lanterns and thousands of pumpkins are displayed all over Main Street. The giant Mickey pumpkin near the train station as you walk in is an obligatory photo stop. Year after year I followed this routine….

1. Ohhh and ahh and the entry way jack-o-lanterns

2. Take a group photo at the Mickey Pumpkin

3. Walk down Main Street looking up at windows to see how many pumpkins I could find

Awesome and fun- but it was time for something new. I always knew there was a Mickey’s Halloween Party but

A: I was too Cheap to buy the ticket (I mean come on I already dropped a load on my   AP I shouldn’t have to pay $57-$70 more right?)

B: Had it in my mind that it was a kids activity (32 and kidless not quite what the average clientele at a Mickey party is right?)

Despite my reservations I made the decision to try it any way. I of course couldn’t do it alone so I made my sister and some friends come along. We dropped $57 on our tickets, started sewing or buying costumes and made arrangements to go. A few weeks out we had another friend want to join us and I learned it was sold out. I started to panic; sold out means crowded right? Who wants to spend an extra $67 and just be in a crowded mess. Keeping an open mind, 2 Sulleys, an Ariel and an Ursula (wait I mean my sister, friends and I) dolled up and entered the park ready for the Mickey’s Halloween Party on an October 2013 Friday night.


Right away ALL my reservations went away. It wasn’t crowded at all and the whole park had transformed. Not sure how Disney pulls their magic but it must have had extra Pixie Dust because in the 2 hours it took us to go to hotel dress and return it was an entirely different park. The decor was all different. They had stations set up where villains would later be posted for great picture opportunities and massive ghost balloons decor adorned areas with trick or treat trails.

Our party spend the next 8 hours trick or treating (for some seriously high quality candy), watching villain switches at photo stations (they were like mini parades and one of the highlights of the night), watching the exclusive Mickey Halloween Party parade and fireworks, riding rides (with very short lines), ogling over the new decor and just having fun. We left with over 10lbs of high quality candy (which probably made me gain about 30lbs) and having no regrets of having spend “so much” extra. I high recommend the Mickey’s Halloween Party to everyone: old, young, kid less and or families. Tickets are on sale for AP’s now- for the AP price of $56-$77. Ticket sales open to everyone on July 30th and prices vary between $63-$77. Hurry and buy them soon as they sold out last year and I would expect nothing less this year!

About Aubrey: Aubrey  is a Disneyland Annual Passholder, a teacher, and she frequently participates in runDisney events

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