Disney Moving Towards a Pay Increase for Cast Members

July 26, 2014


Here’s some good news for some Cast Members at Disney Parks! Disney is working towards raising the minimum wage for Cast Members to at least $10.00 an hour. Other large companies will follow suit as well. Experts say this will improve the standard of living for the lowest-paid employees and could pressure other employers to raise pay. Cast Members work really hard to keep the magic alive for so many Disney Guests, they deserve to get compensated for a job well done.

Another Disney contract for part-timers in the Service Trades Council that will be negotiated later also will include the offer of a gradual increase to $10, Disney and the union group said. Roughly half of Disney’s 70,000-person Central Florida workforce is represented by the council, which includes janitors, housekeepers and bus drivers.

Disney spokeswoman Jacquee Wahler said in a statement that the pay offer “represents the appreciation we have for our cast members and our commitment to providing a leading employment package.”

More details to follow as we hear. Thanks to the Orlando Sentinel for the details.

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