The Ultimate Frozen Trivia Quiz

July 25, 2014 ,

Are you a Frozen expert?  Do you know every line of the movie, almost like you wrote the script yourself?  Do you find yourself singing the songs all the time?  Well then we have the quiz to test you.

Coming in at 31 questions, passing this test will be no simple summer stroll. If you want that perfect score, you’re going to have to bundle up and prepare to brave a flurry of swirling trivia. Don’t worry, though. If you get lost along the way and return home with anything less than 100%, you can make this journey a second time! (Or a third…)


1.  Which Hans Christian Andersen story is Frozen inspired by?
a. The Ice Maiden
b. Through The Picture Frame
c. The Snow Queen
d.  The Angel

2. The visual look of Frozen is primarily influenced by what part of the world?
a. Russia
b. Norway
c. Sweden
d. Iceland

3. Which of the following is not an ingredient for the icy force described in the song “Frozen Heart”?
a. Cold
b. Winter Air
c. Freezing Wind
d. Mountain Rain

4. Early in the creative process, before her final look was decided, designers considered giving Elsa what unique trait?
a. Blue Skin
b. Icy Wings
c. A Long Tail
d. A Snow-Breathing Dragon Sidekick

5. Where on her head does Anna develop a white streak of hair after Elsa’s powers first touch her?
a. The Right Side
b. The Left Side
c. The Center
d. It All Turns White

6. The daughters of which Frozen crew member(s) can be heard on the film’s official soundtrack as young Anna and Elsa?
a. Actor Josh Gad
b. Producer Peter Del Vecho
c. Director Chris Buck
d. Songwriters Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez

7. This is the second animated Disney musical in the director’s chair for co-director Chris Buck. Which other film did he direct?
a. The Lion King
b. Pocahontas
c. Mulan
d. Tarzan

8. Frozen’s director/screenwriter Jennifer Lee wrote what other Walt Disney Animation Studios film?
a. Wreck-It Ralph
b. Tangled
c. Mulan
d. Brave

9. Which character in the film comes up with the phrase “I like warm hugs?”
a. Elsa
b. Anna
c. Olaf
d. Kristoff

10. What is the design of Anna & Elsa’s family’s crest?
a. A Gold Flower Over A Purple & Green Banner
b. A Knight’s Helmet Over A White And Blue Banner
c. An Orange Bird Over A Green Banner
d. A Red Flower Over A Purple And Pink Banner

11. When Anna and Elsa open up their kingdom for Elsa’s coronation, there’s a famous Disney Princess among the many guests in attendance. Which Princess is it?
a. Aurora
b. Rapunzel
c. Merida
d. Belle

12. What is the name of the software that Frozen’s creative team invented to create realistic snow?
a. Matterhorn
b. Ice Palace
c. Blizzard
d. Everest

13. How many salad plates do Anna & Elsa own?
a. 100
b. 1,000
c. 8,000
d. 10,000

14. How does the Duke of Weselton describe his dancing style?
a. Like An Agile Peacock
b. Like A Chicken With The Face Of A Monkey
c. The Little Dipper
d. Shockingly, All Of These Ways

15. How many brothers does Hans of the Southern Isles have?
a. 6
b. 8
c. 10
d. 12

16.  Idina Menzel, the voice of Elsa, appears in which other Disney film?
a. Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl
b. The Princess Diaries
c. Enchanted
d. Oz The Great And Powerful

17. Which fashion trend is especially popular among the guests of Elsa’s coronation?
a. Flowers In Their Hair
b. Hats With Bows
c. Tiaras
d. Shimmering Glass Shoes

18. What time is it when Hans & Anna break into their clockwork dance during “Love is an Open Door?”
a. 8:30
b. 9:45
c. 10:15
d. 12:00

19. What summery item is NOT featured by Oaken when Anna visits his shop?
a. Swimming Suits
b. Clogs
c. Sun Balm
d. Parasols

20. A stuffed toy version of what famous Disney character makes a very brief cameo in the film?
a. Mickey Mouse
b. Donald Duck
c. Pluto
d. Goofy

21. Where does Elsa create her ice palace?
a. The North Mountain
b. The South Pole
c. The Dark Valley
d. The Far Peak

22. Finish the lyrics: ♫ My power flurries through the air into the ground ♫…
a. A Cold Wind Blows The Snow, All Is Found
b. An Icy Promise Made, My Fate Is Hereby Bound
c. The Earth Beneath My Feet Becomes A Snowy Mound
d. My Soul Is Spiraling In Frozen Fractals All Around

23. What animals serve as background dancers for Olaf when he sings “In Summer?”
a. Chipmunks
b. Squirrels
c. Seagulls
d. Penguins

24. How do Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf gain entrance to Elsa’s palace?
a. An Ice Slide
b. A Secret Passage
c. A Long Staircase
d. A Snow Portal

25. What does Kristoff say when he is asked to stay behind as Anna enters Elsa’s palace?
a. “Ice Is My Life!”
b. “This Is When You’ll Need Me Most!”
c. “I Cam So Far To See This!”
d. “You’ll Catch A Cold!”

26. Everyone knows that Olaf is the name of the heroic snowman who dreams of summer fun. But what’s the name of the other snowman that Elsa builds to protect her ice palace?
a. Snowball
b. Marshmallow
c. Rocky
d. Frostor

27. Michael Giaimo, art director on Frozen, was responsible for helping to establish the look and style of the film. What other Disney film did he serve as art director on?
a. Pocahontas
b. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
c. Hercules
d. Mulan

28. Which of these traits is NOT one that the trolls are most impressed by when they meet Anna?
a. Bright Eyes
b. Working Nose
c. Strong Teeth
d. Warm Heart

29. According to Hans, what were Anna’s supposed last words?
a. Her Wish For Him To Lead The Kingdom
b. Her Hope That Elsa Sees Justice
c. Their Marriage Vows
d. A Song From Her Childhood

30. Who convinces Kristoff to go back and help Arendelle?
a. Anna
b. Olaf
c. Sven
d. The Trolls

31. Whose true love finally saves Anna’s life from a cold and icy fate?
a. Kristoff
b. Olaf
c. Sven
d. The Sisters Save Each Other

frozen sing a long


1. c. The Snow Queen
2. b. Norway
3. c. Freezing Wind
4. a. Blue Skin
5. a. The Right Side
6. d. Songwriters Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez
7. d. Tarzan
8. a. Wreck-It Ralph
9. a. Elsa
10. a. A Gold Flower Over A Purple & Green Banner
11. b. Rapunzel
12. a. Matterhorn
13. c. 8,000
14. d. Shockingly, All Of These Ways
15. d. 12
16. c. Enchanted
17. a. Flowers In Their Hair
18. c. 10:15
19. d. Parasols
20. a. Mickey Mouse
21. a. The North Mountain
22. d. My Soul Is Spiraling In Frozen Fractals All Around
23. c. Seagulls
24. c. A Long Staircase
25. a. “Ice Is My Life!”
26. b. Marshmallow
27. a. Pocahontas
28. d. Warm Heart
29. c. Their Marriage Vows
30. c. Sven
31. d. The Sisters Save Each Other

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