Have a Cupcake for Lunch at Be Our Guest!

July 25, 2014


Last week we were at the Magic Kingdom, and it was close to lunch time. The line outside of Be Our Guest was building, but we had a FastPass of sorts to go inside and order something. Be Our Guest is a walk up at lunch, so you don’t need a reservation. Anyhow, instead of ordering a big meal, we ordered cupcakes. Why not, right? It’s always a good time for dessert! In case you didn’t know, Be Our Guest has amazing cupcakes. We ordered the Strawberry, Chocolate, and Grey Stuff cupcakes, and they were all good! It’s just over $4.00 for each cupcake, and although they don’t look really big, they are extremely filling. It’s just enough! So next time you are looking for a yummy treat during the day, stop into Be Our Guest in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom and get yourself a cupcake! They’re awesome! Don’t forget to try the Grey Stuff…. it’s delicious.


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One thought on “Have a Cupcake for Lunch at Be Our Guest!”
  1. I love it dessert for lunch. My MIL started a new tradition when my son was about two years old. He got to eat his dessert first, and then his meal. But this was only at her house. He wanted to know why I wouldn’t let him do it at home, I told him grandma’s house her rules. My house my rules..

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