Disney’s Hollywood Studios Carrot Cake Cookie Recipe

Carrot Cake Cookie

One thing our readers like to talk about is Disney food! We have an all new Disney Recipe’s section in our Forums that was started last week, so I thought we’d share some recipe’s on the main wall as well! Today’s Disney treat is the Carrot Cake Cookie, like the one they serve at the Writer’s Stop at Hollywood Studios. Read on for the instructions, and don’t forget to visit our Disney Recipe Forum while you’re here!


Standard Carrot Cake mix
8oz of cream cheese
8Tbs butter
1 c confectionary sugar
1/2 c of crushed pineapple, (well drained)
1 tsp vanilla extract


Make standard Carrot Cake recipe.
Drop rounded off spoonfuls onto cookie sheets.
Bake according to Carrot Cake recipe instructions
Once the cookies are done, set them aside to cool.
Whip together remaining ingredients and place a tablespoon or more of icing onto cookie.
Sandwich two cookies together to complete.

2 thoughts on “Disney’s Hollywood Studios Carrot Cake Cookie Recipe”
  1. The recipe says rounded spoonfuls. I have a cookie scoop that I use when making cookies. When I attempt this recipe I will either use that or I will use my whoopie pie baking pan that will produce ‘cookie’ pieces that will be very similar in size to those pictured.

    The only complaint I’ve ever heard about these awesome cookies is that they are ‘too big for one person to eat by themselves.’ My other thought would be to buy the Wilton brand macaroon cookie pan. (It’s about $8.00-$10.00 at my local Meijer.) Using this pan and following the recipe above would allow you to make a bunch of little Carrot Cake Cookies. This would make them easier to handle, easier to store any left overs, and best of all… You could probably get a four to one ratio. You could eat four small ones instead of only one big one. They other benefit to this idea would be that if you normally share one with someone at Disney World, you would have any of it go to waste.

    Oh, the small ones would be a great idea of something to bring to holiday parties.

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