Star Wars Weekends By TMSM Teen Perspective Writer Gabby Adani

Gabby and Trooper

Being the big Star Wars fan that I am, you may assume that I went to Star Wars Weekends over at Hollywood Studios this past year. Well, of course I did! 4 out of the 5 weekends! Star Wars Weekends are amazing, just to be able to see all of my favorite characters make it great.

Gabby and Chewie

I’ve been going to Star Wars Weekends for three years now and this year has been by far the best. Each weekend there are different celebrities from Star Wars and Star Wars: The Clone Wars that come and you are able to meet them and go to special shows. This year they even had some of the characters for the new upcoming series Star Wars: Rebels. Let me just say this, I got to meet all of my favorite celebrities. Ranging from Ashley Eckstein to Mark Hamill it was amazing.

Ashley Eckstein

gabby and JAT

Mark Hamill

Not only did I get to meet Star Wars celebrities, we got to meet the characters that are in costume. One of my favorite characters to meet is Darth Maul, he paces around like a panther. My little brother calls him his “friend”. Storm Troopers are another favorite to meet. They roam around and sometimes walk Darth Vader to his meeting spot. This year they even added a talking feature to some of the Storm Troopers which was quite entertaining to watch.

Darth Maul

On one of the days we got to have the character breakfast and the Sci-Fi restaurant. The food was amazing! There were Storm Troopers, Jawas, and Greedo. That was our first time meeting Greedo and one of the last characters I needed in my autograph book.

Gabby and Greedo

This year my sister and I were chosen to be a part of the Ray Park show called Visit to the Maul. We got to go up on stage with both Ray Park (the real Darth Maul) and James Arnold Taylor and learn a martial arts routine. This was a once in a lifetime experience that my sister and I both enjoyed.

Ray Park on Stage

One of the greatest parts of Star Wars Weekends was the show before the fireworks. This was a great way to see all my favorite characters and watch them do a small exhibition. The fireworks were equally as amazing.

SW Fireworks

Now that Star Wars Weekends are over, my brother, sister and I are all having Star Wars withdraw! You would think we would be tired of it! We walked into Hollywood Studios the other day for the Frozen event and kept reminiscing about all the fun we had during Star Wars Weekends. I can’t wait for next year!

About TMSM’s Teen Perspective Writer Gabby Adani:
”Hi Mainstreeters! I’m Gabby and I’m going to be writing about Disney from a teen’s perspective. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 13 years old and have had Disney Annual Passes my whole life. Disney is literally my second home. I’m an honors student and enjoy school. My favorite sport is volleyball. I play for both my middle school team and the YMCA. I am also a huge fan of Star Wars.”

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