Frozen Fireworks at Hollywood Studios….. “Let It… Snow?”

July 16, 2014


If you’ve been following along, then you know that TMSM has been on site to cover the beautiful Frozen themed fireworks show that recently started at Hollywood Studios. It’s a must see for any Frozen fan, the display is set to your favorite songs from the film, and it’s beautifully choreographed. Want to know what else is really “cool” about it? The ending…… Not only does the show end with “Let It Go” playing to the fireworks, but guests get snowed on too!

When the show is over, bursts of Disney magical “snow” comes flowing off the building tops onto the crowd below. It doesn’t just happen for a minute, nope. The snow continues to fall for a good 10 minutes afterwards while people are getting ready to leave the park for the evening. I have to say, it’s truly an awesome thing to see. Palm trees surrounded by snow! Don’t open your mouth though to catch a snowflake…… the magical snow isn’t really snow at all, it’s soap bubbles. Same effect, less cold and not as tasty! Either way, the fireworks and “snow” are a fun and magical way to end the day at Hollywood Studios. The Frozen Summer Fun events continue throughout the Summer until September 1st, don’t miss it!

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