Attention Duffy and Vinylmation Fans!!!

July 8, 2014 ,

Disney is releasing a new Vinylmation set on July 25 at both the parks and online.  The set is titled Duffy Series #1.



The series contains 7  of the newly designed Duffy regular figures and a mystery chaser for a total of 8 in the series.  There is always a chance there will be a variant and if we find out there is one we will be sure to pass that along.  This series was designed by two of my personal favorite Vinylmation designers, Thomas Scott and Monty Maldovan.  The cost will be $12.95 for one or you can purchase an entire case for  $207.20 per case.  Here are the 7 figures that we know of so far:

vm_duffy_series1_blue_org vm_duffy_series1_green_org vm_duffy_series1_bee_org

vm_duffy_series1_white_org vm_duffy_series1_purple_org vm_duffy_series1_pink_org vm_duffy_series1_brown_org


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