Do You Know….Disney Ghosts?

July 3, 2014 ,

Here’s a fun little trivia, how well do you know the Disney Ghosts?

hitchhiking ghostsWhether they’re spooky or silly, over the decades Disney has created legions of phantoms and revenants and spirits of all kinds. See how well you know Disney’s ghostly gallery.
1)   Which historical pirate’s ghost starred in a Disney live-action film?
A)   Blackbeard
B)   Francis Verney
C)   Henry Morgan
D)   Captain Kidd

2)   Which of these is not a ghostly Disney short?
A)   Lonesome Ghosts
B)   The Haunted House
C)   Spooky Dance
D)   All of them are Disney shorts

3)   What is the name of the Haunted Mansion ghost you see on the ballroom chandelier?
A)   Cosmo
B)   Pickwick
C)   Gus
D)   He doesn’t have a name

4)   Which Disney television movie featured a ghost, a riddle, and a stolen treasure?
A)   Child of Glass
B)   Ghosts of Buxley Hall
C)   The Golden Dog

5)   What’s the name of Jack Skellington’s ghostly pup?
A)   Bones
B)   Wags
C)   Bowser
D)   Zero

6)   How many “happy haunts” reside in the Haunted Mansion?
A)   13
B)   Who knows?
C)   999
D)   1,000
Scroll down to see how many you got right!
TOT Ghosts

1)   A – The phantom of Edward Teach, the legendary Blackbeard, turns out to be a pretty good guy in Blackbeard’s Ghost (1968). Francis Verney hasn’t become a Disney haunt so far – but you can spot his portrait in the loading area at Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction!
2)   C – Disney did produce Silly Symphony short entitled Skeleton Dance, but there is no Spooky Dance.
3)   B – According to Walt Disney Imagineering’s Haunted Mansion show documentation, he’s the only original ghost aside from Madame Leota with an official name (the bride, Constance, was a later addition).
4)   A – Child of Glass (1978) was based on Richard Peck’s novel The Ghost Belonged to Me.
5)   D – Zero guides Jack’s sleigh with his glowing pumpkin nose. Good dog!
6)   C – But there’s room for one more! Will you accept the invitation?

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