Visiting Club Cool at Epcot!

June 30, 2014


Summer is in full swing, and it’s been pretty darn hot down here in the Orlando area! Last week while walking around Epcot, the family and I stopped into Club Cool to take a break from the heat. We’ve been inside Club Cool before, but that day I decided to put my reporter hat on and do a little research.

As some of you already know, guests can sample assorted soda’s from different parts of the world. Some of them are pretty good, some, like “Beverly” from Italy….. well, lets just say it’s unique! Here’s what they have to offer….


Italy ~ Beverly, bitter non-alcoholic soda
Greece ~ Fanta Pineapple
Thailand ~ Fanta Melon Frosty
Japan ~ VegitaBeta Apricot and Passion Fruit
South Africa ~ Bibo, Johnny Orange, Taka Strawberry and Paolo Peach
Zimbabwe ~ Sparberry Cream Soda
Peru ~ Inca Cola or liquid bubblegum
Brazil ~ Kuat, Guarana berry flavored

boys Club Cool

Again, the above samples are free to try out, which is nice on a hot day! Club Cool also sells soda and frozen cokes too! In addition to beverages, Club Cool sells Coca-Cola themed merchandise and snacks like popcorn too. So the next time you’re at Epcot and are looking to beat the heat or take a break, head on in to Club Cool, you’ll be glad you did!


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