Marc Davis’ Art Inspires New Tinker Bell Collection

There’s something that’s timeless about a hand drawn frame from a Disney movie. Even in those pencil sketches, you can see a character in their truest form. The frames don’t need color, backgrounds or even to be animated. They really stand apart as something beautiful, like this one of Tinker Bell from Marc Davis.


One of Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men, Marc Davis brought to life some of Disney’s most iconic characters, including Aurora, Maleficent, and Cruella De Vil. Arguably, his most well-known and beloved character is Tinker Bell. This fairy has a personality all her own, and a lot of sass for a pint-sized pixie.

It’s no surprise then that Marc Davis’ original artwork of Tink is now being featured for the Disney Tink Collection by LeSportsac. The beautiful pattern, featuring Marc’s sketches of Tink, can be found on everything from makeup bags to backpacks. We picked out our favorites from that feature the timeless style of hand drawn frames.


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