How well do you know “Frozen”….. Test your knowledge below!

June 25, 2014

Frozen has become the “must see” Disney movie since it came out last November.  Everyone is still talking about it and the merchandise craze is still at an all time high.  Our friends at the Disney Insider blog have put together a little trivia to see how well you know the movie, just for you Frozen experts.  Good Luck.


Since it was released in November, Frozen hasn’t left the ranks of the top five most popular movies in the country. It’s a monumental achievement, and it means that many fans are returning to the theatre over and over to see the movie.

It also means that the time is right to test your knowledge on a bit of Frozen trivia! With the film fresh in your memory, it shouldn’t be so hard to answer a few questions, right?

1) Everyone knows that Olaf is the name of the heroic snowman who dreams of summer fun. But what’s the name of the other snowman that Elsa builds to protect her ice palace?

A) Snowball
B) Marshmallow
C) Rocky
D) Frostor

2) Frozen is set in the Kingdom of Arendelle, which sits at the edge of a majestic fjord. Though Arendelle is a fantasy realm, it’s loosely modeled after the real-life geography of what Earthly nation?

A) Norway
B) Sweden
C) Denmark
D) The Netherlands

3) This is the second animated Disney musical in the director’s chair for co-director Chris Buck. What other film did he direct?

A) The Lion King
B) Pocahontas
C) Mulan
D) Tarzan

4) When Anna and Elsa open up their kingdom for Elsa’s coronation, there’s a famous Disney Princess among the many guests in attendance. Which Princess is it?

A) Aurora
B) Rapunzel
C) Merida
D) Belle

5) Who voices the Queen of Arendelle, Anna and Elsa’s mother?

A) Idina Menzel
B) Jennifer Lee
C) Sarah Silverman
D) Julie Andrews

6) Frozen Director/Screenwriter Jennifer Lee wrote what other Walt Disney Animation Studios film?

A) Wreck-it Ralph
B) Tangled
C) Aladdin
D) Brave

7) Idina Menzel (the voice of Elsa) is in which other Disney film?

A) Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
B) The Princess Diaries
C) Enchanted
D) Oz The Great and Powerful

8) Finish the lyric: ♫ Born of cold and winter air and mountain rain combining… ♫

A) This frosty force both fair and fine has a frozen heart worth mining.
B) This icy force both foul and fine has a frozen heart combining.
C) This icy force both foul and fair has a frozen heart worth mining.
D) This frosty ice both foul and fair has a frozen heart combining.

9) The daughter of which Frozen crew member(s) can be heard on the film’s official soundtrack?

A) Voice actor Josh Gad
B) Songwriters Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez
C) Producer Peter Del Vecho
D) Art Director Mike Giaimo

10) What is Anna and Elsa’s favorite food?

A) Cupcakes
B) Chocolate
C) Carrot cake
D) Cherry pie

Scroll down to see how you did!


1) B – This snowman is a lot scarier looking than his name might imply.
2) A – While deciding on the look and feel for the film, members of the crew did research throughout Norway.
3) D – Though he was a supervising animator on Pocahontas, Chris’s first directing credit at Disney was for Tarzan.
4) B – Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder are among some of the hidden gems throughout the film.
5) B – You can hear co-director Jennifer Lee in this small role early on in the film.
6) A – In animation, writers rarely transition into becoming directors later on. Jennifer’s work on both Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen makes her the exception.
7) C – Idina can be seen in Enchanted, playing the role of Nancy Tremaine.
8) C – If you got this one right, you’re ready for the Sing-Along version of the film for sure!
9) B – The Anderson-Lopez household must be a pretty musical place!
10) B – Don’t you wanna just stuff some chocolates in your face right now?

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