TMSM Adventures in Florida Living ~ Getting a WDW Annual Pass!

June 23, 2014


Well, we’ve been Florida residents less than one week, and one of the first things we wanted to do was get an Annual Pass for WDW. Granted, we had a lot of unpacking and such to do before getting around to hitting a Disney location, but it was on the to-do list for sure. On Saturday evening, we ventured to Downtown Disney with the intent on purchasing said passes. We parked on the West Side, actually in the Casting lot because DTD is such a mess with all the construction that’s going on. We walked through the construction area, made it over to the Marketplace side, and found Guest Relations. Once we got to the place to buy tickets, we found that the line was extremely long. The kids were whining, we were tired, but we made it that far, so we waited. And waited…. and waited. Finally, it was our turn…. exciting!


When we got up to the desk, I was a little nervous. Being that we are new in town, we didn’t have our drivers licenses changed yet to reflect the Florida address. If you are looking to get an annual pass with the Florida residence discount, and don’t have proper ID, you can use a bill or statement from the cable company or utility instead. I was told by different sources, some said you can use a rental agreement, some said you can’t, but we were able to use ours with no problem, so we showed that too. Within 10 minutes, the Cast Member had us all hooked up, and we were indeed WDW Premium Annual Pass holders……. and yes, we were super excited, see silly pic below!


The super helpful CM then gave us a booklet explaining all that having a WDW Annual Pass entails. In addition to admission to the 4 main WDW Parks, we also get admission to both Water Parks, Free Parking at all locations (which is a total plus), admission to golf locations and Disney Quest, discounts at select stores on Disney Property as well as some restaurant discounts. All in all, it’s a great package to have. If you’re a FL resident, you can purchase your AP’s with a down payment and a monthly payment plan, which makes it a bit more affordable.


Once we got through the line, got our AP’s, and walked through the new Co-Op, we headed over to Earl of Sandwich for dinner. There was a long line there too, but it was 9:00 on a Saturday night, I expected that. We had a great dinner, and the boys wanted to head over to the World of Disney store before it closed. On our walk over to the store, I happened to look to my right and saw two ladies sitting down with TMSM Buttons on! I was so excited to see some Main Streeters representing on our first outing on Disney property since getting to Florida. I knew who they were just by looking, it was Janet and Cindy, or as I call them, the TMSM Super Fans! They are always showing their TMSM Disney Side whenever they’re out and about, and I’m so grateful to them for that. It was so nice to meet them.


All in all, our first Disney outing was a good one! We got our Annual Passes, had some good food, and met some amazing TMSM fans along the way! Can’t wait to see what’s next, stay tuned!! ~M

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