Villain Spotlight Series: Governor Ratcliffe

June 22, 2014 ,

The Oh My Disney blog has been running their series of the Disney Prince’s.  It’s been a good series, but I have to admit I’m a bigger fan of the Villains.  I love learning more about these characters, or actually any character.

We’ve really been focusing on princes lately (check out our Prince Spotlight Series) so we thought we’d give a little love to the villains. Specifically, the wicked Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas.

Most Disney villains have some sort of redeeming quality that inspires us to feel sympathy for their situation. This is not the case with good ol’ John. He’s not motivated by revenge nor does he hide behind a noble purpose. He’s just incredibly greedy and wants power, money, and everything that comes with it; but man, can he lead a rousing musical number. So, let’s take a moment to analyze just what makes Governor Ratcliffe a villain we love to hate.

For starters, Ratcliffe gives epic side eye.


He just could not care less about anyone else.

He’s flanked by two hilariously different sidekicks.


Percy and Wiggins are wonderful in incredibly unique ways.

He obviously really loves Percy and actually treats him very well.


This would be the perfect way to relax after a long journey.

Ratcliffe gives surprisingly motivating (yet villainous) speeches.


We totally want to dig for gold now.

He travels in style.


Can we have one of those?

He sits in a giant gold throne. On a ship.


That can’t be good for its structural integrity.

Can we talk about those bows in Ratcliffe’s hair?


They are just perfect.

He also wears a cape.


Complete with the typical villain pose!

In the end, Governor Ratcliffe is defeated (like most evil guys are).


Those chains do not look comfortable.

Ratcliffe’s only redeeming quality is that the same voice actor (David Ogden Stiers) voices him and Wiggins.


We just love Wiggins.

What are your favorite things about Governor Ratcliffe?

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