The Magic of Disney Parks Storytelling: Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure Park

June 21, 2014 ,

From our friend Tyler Slater (Social Media Content Coordinator) Disney Parks Blog

Since Cars Land opened on June 15, 2012, no trip to Disney California Adventure park has been complete without experiencing Radiator Springs Racers. From the state-of-the-art Audio-Animatronics technology to the thrilling race through Ornament Valley, this attraction truly is the definition of an “E-ticket” experience. In honor of the attraction’s second anniversary earlier this week, I’m thrilled to continue the “Magic of Disney Parks Storytelling” series with Radiator Springs Racers. With so much detail behind one of the largest attractions ever built for Disney Parks, today’s post will focus on the story of Stanley’s Oasis, which serves as the queue area for the attraction.



Stanley, the founder of Radiator Springs, sold radiator caps along Route 66. It wasn’t until he found the spring of water now known as Stanley’s Oasis that Radiator Springs became an iconic destination in the middle of the desert. To reach Stanley’s Oasis, turn right at the courthouse and follow the pathway under two bridges. The first bridge you pass under is a steel structure built in the 1940s and the second bridge was built out of wood in the 1920s.

After passing under the bridges, you have arrived at the entrance of the historic Stanley’s Oasis! You’ll immediately recognize the original Radiator Spring that continues to bubble after all these years. Directly behind the spring, notice the water tower where Stanley once invited customers to relax and enjoy a nice, cold drink. The pathway then heads into a covered structure – the first building Stanley established at the oasis. This is called the Cap ‘n’ Tap shop because of the various types of caps for sale. Next, the neighboring structure, called Stanley’s Service Garage, tells the story of Stanley’s once-booming auto-care business (remember the radiator caps he sold on Route 66?). Saving the best for last, you’ll continue on to the world-famous Oil Bottle House – the area’s most popular roadside attraction!

As you enter the wheel-well-shaped cavern, you’ll see Stanley’s Comfy Caverns Motor Court – a lodge nestled deep inside the expansive cave. Because the oasis became so popular, Stanley and his wife, Lizzie, built the lodge to accommodate the high demand from visitors who wanted to stay overnight. From here, you hop in your car and head back to town for the big race! Ka-chow racer!

What is your favorite Cars Land memory?

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