Make Disney More Magical?! by Marie Burton

June 18, 2014

Written by Marie Burton.

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Make Disney More Magical? Is that possible I hear you say? Well I didn’t think so either. I had been to WDW 3 times between 1997 and 2007, then I went for our honeymoon last year and by doing a bit of research and changing a few things I found it could be even better. The below are my top tips, I’m sure you’ve found some of your own.

1. Try something new. Don’t write off the “kiddie rides” I had never been in the Tiki room, it had never appealed. When we went last year we decided to give it a try… We loved it! There are still many thing we haven’t done yet, The Liberty Square Riverboat, Tom Sawyer Island and Swiss Family Tree House to name but a few at MK alone. But because of these things I HAVE to keep going back, right?

2. Meet the characters. It doesn’t matter if your 3 or 30, if you go with children or as a couple, everyone should at least meet the boss, Mickey. Don’t let anyone put you off getting pictures and autographs just because they think it’s for children only. Me and my husband met as many as we could last time and got some brilliant pictures and some of the best memories. I’ll never forget Minnie making a fuss over my wedding ring or Chip and Dale stealing my Stuffed Mickey to play with.

3. Make time for the fireworks and parades. They are worth the wait and just as fun as the rides and shows. I didn’t stay around for the parades on my first two trips and only watched illuminations as one of our party said it was the best. Having watched all of the parades and each fireworks show on our last trip I regret not doing them before, I love illuminations but for me Wishes was the best (not including Fantasmic as I think that’s more of a show!)

4. Take in the scenery. Disney holidays are cherished, you spend so long saving and have so little time there you feel you have to cram in as many rides and shows as possible. Rushing around, sometimes we miss the amazing decorations, the special touches, or the hidden mickeys that make your trip that little bit extra magical. It’s often the little things we remember most.

5. Wake up early. I know you’re on holiday but try and get up early and make the most of your time. As we’ve already said time is precious. The early bird catches the mouse…and doesn’t have to wait in line too long.

6. Plan. Some of you may not be the planning type, like my husband. He sometimes thinks before a trip I’m over planning (he has more than once compared me to Monica from Friends! … Ok so maybe I like folders and spread sheets) but he appreciates the planning once we are there, because without it we wouldn’t get half of the things we wanted to done. I’m not saying plan every minute of every day, that wouldn’t be fun, but a little planning goes a long way. What you don’t want is to get to your second to last day and realize there is still so much you wanted to do and you missed some of your must do rides or didn’t meet your favourite character. Also for me planning enhances the whole disney experience before you even enter the park.

7. Have Fun. Well duh right? But sometimes we don’t completely let go as adults and just have fun. Wear ears, take a silly picture with a prop or character or on a ride photo, sing along to the songs, dance and have fun with the parades, join in with the pre show entertainment at Fantasmic and dance along with Mickey at the start of the show because you know all his moves… Just me?


About Marie:
Marie is 30 and  from the UK and a Disney addict! She got married last year and “luckily Tom isn’t put off by my Disney madness but embraces it.

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