Lessons From Disney California Adventure’s Blue Sky Cellar by Annette Jones

Written by Annette Jones


One of my favorite spots to visit is in Disney’s California Adventure, called “The Blue Sky Cellar”. This is a room, replicated like a cellar, featuring new and upcoming attractions at the parks. There are story boards, pictures, models, and videos highlighting what the Imagineers are working on. Definition time ~ an imagineer, a blend of imagine and engineer, is someone who “puts creative ideas into practical use”….hmmm, aren’t we all imagineers then?!

In front of the entrance to The Blue Sky Cellar is a plaque that is so inspiring to me and really how I want to live my life, serve my people, and help them do the same.

The plaque reads: “Blue Sky is the very first step in the Imagineering process. That phase where ‘the sky’s the limit’. The page is blank, and no idea is too big or too small, too realistic or too far-fetched. Each notion is a vital part of the shared vision. Every thought helps mold, shape, and improve the “Big Idea”. The only rule during this time of Inspiration…’There are no rules’.”

Take a pause and let that set with you for a bit.

“There are no rules”, what a crazy concept, right?! How often do we put rules on our inspirations before we even get the complete idea formed in our heads??

What if our inspirations had a blue sky to form, grow, and create in?

What if we didn’t believe any and every idea is not too big, or even too small?

What ideas are you making too big or too small right now?

What would happen if you let go of the concept of too big or too small and just let them be and grow?

Do your ideas have a blank page to land on? Or do you already have your “shoulds, have to’s and couldn’t possibly” already on the page before the new and inspiring ideas even get there?

And what if you didn’t edit all the ideas and believed that they all help to mold, shape, and improve your “Big Idea”?

What would you come up with?


What would flow if you just let it?

The next time you get a spark of inspiration remember The Blue Sky Cellar and let the ideas come.

Maybe you could create your own cellar, filled with all your ideas! Create a vision board, an idea journal, a smash book, or a beautiful “blue” white board to capture all your wonderful ideas.

Consider yourself an Imagineer and give life to all those creative and inspiring ideas!! Think about all the amazing and inspiring creations that have come out of Disney’s Blue Sky Cellar because they use this process, and remember “there are no rules!”


About Annette Jones -“I’m always looking for ways to be inspired by Disney. My favorite memories are times spent at the Disney Parks, enjoying a great Disney movie or figuring out ways to create Disney magic into my daily life.”



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