What Disney Is To A Kiwi by Sam from New Zealand

June 17, 2014 ,

Written by Sam Pratley


My name is Sam and I am a Disney fan from New Zealand, I go to Disneyland whenever I can afford it and it was suggested I do a blog post about how I view Disney being from possibly the furthest place away from Disney.
Now I’m in TMSM Fan Nation on Facebook and I often see people post things or comment on threads about how often they go to their nearest Disney park and quite often I see people saying every second week or sometime relatively close to each other and my first thought is usually “doesn’t it get boring going so often”, now I think this because I’ve only been around 7 or 8 times in the 16 years I’ve been on this earth, and every time I go it’s always very different from before.
When I go to Disneyland I often go for a week or so because of the distance to travel (which often equates to around 30hrs on a plane) and it’s always a fun and really enjoyable time, I always try to do the most that I can because I never know just when my next trip will be. I love Disney not just because it’s such a happy and enjoyable place but to me going to Disney is a real treat and I’m always making memories.
I always try to do different things each time I go, I’m not a big fan of thrill rides but last time I went (last Christmas) I tried the Matterhorn and Splash Mountain, both rides I liked and went on plenty of times.
Disney to me is a place where mothers, daughters, fathers and sons can go to enjoy their time together and forget about the worries of life and be kids again 🙂

10245404_1489737194572748_1394192586250592750_nAbout Sam (by Aut)
Sam is one of the member’s of TMSM’s Facebook group TMSM Fan Nation.  Sam is in school in Dunedin New Zealand and is one of the many members of the Nation that lives outside of the United States that contributes to threads and topics regularly adding to the “wonderfulness” of the Nation. One of the neatest things about Sam is he is an artist and he will share his latest project with the group for insight and input.

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  1. Great job Sam! I hope if I’m lucky, that someday I’ll get to visit New Zealand. That’s always, my whole life, been a dream of mine. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & art with us =D

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