Random Acts of Kindness Thursday! John’s Story!

June 12, 2014



We have a Member contribution today for our weekly feature, Random Acts of Kindness.  If you have an inspirational story from an experience at a Disney Park, or if you are a Cast Member who would like to tell us of a great experience you’ve had, we’d love to hear it!  Today’s submission is from TMSM Member, John Leever.

My nephew Bob, who is in his 20s, and I entered the Magic Kingdom, it may have been our first day of our trip. It was close to 3 o’clock about 15 minutes or so to 3, which as you know means parade time.  We decided to grab a spot on Main Street as there were plenty of places and we could not believe our luck.  We found a spot in front of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant and sat down on the curb.  As we were waiting, Bob was on my right, I noticed a stroller pull up next to Bob.  It was not one of those big Disney rental types, or even one of those big fold up types, it was one of those compact umbrella types.  I paid little attention to it and continued to wait happy that we were going to see the parade and that we had such a good spot.  Before the parade started the child in the stroller got out, or more likely was taken out, for this little girl who seemed to stand no more than 2 feet high, had crutches.  They were the kind of crutches that had the semi circle go around the upper arm and they were just her size, and she used them to hold herself up.  She seemed to be shaking and her crutches wobbled and she had such a look of excitement on her face I knew it was not the crutches that caused the shake.  The parade was about to start.  I looked away because I did not want to stare, and I did not want anyone to notice the tears in my eyes.

As Bob and I sat there, the parade passing by us I could not help notice all the characters who stopped by the little girl, to wave at her, smile at her, to come by and reach out to her so the little girl could reach out to touch them.  There were the Princes on top of floats, there were characters walking along the street, and there were the dancers who stopped and took her hand.  It was an amazing parade, and I don’t remember one float, but I have not forgotten the joy the fun the excitement of that little girl.  For me, that day, that moment, all the magic that is Disney was focused, was epitomized, by the attention shown to that little girl and the love she had for the parade.  For me, that day, that moment is one of my fondest Disney memories.

My nephew said, “This was one of the coolest thing In Disney that I had the good fortune to witness.  I hope other people aside from the girl’s family also noticed what was happening and hopefully had a similar reaction. ~John Leever

Thank you John for sending in this story to share with us, it’s wonderful!  If you’d like to share a story, feel free send it to me! I think it’s important to continue to share some happiness and inspiration to others, you never know what a difference you could make in someone else’s day!  Thanks again! ~M [email protected].

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