Style Tips from Our Favorite Mermaid, Ariel!

For many years now, we all wanted to be as effortlessly stylish as Ariel. She’s bold, adventurous, and cute no matter what setting she’s in. Here are some style tips that might help you be part of HER world.

Be Unique


Which is another way of saying to be yourself. Definitely always do that. Don’t sing in concerts and live under the sea if exploring and having legs is your thing. What does this have to do with style? Everything! Style is one of the most visual ways of expressing yourself, so doing your own thing will naturally manifest itself in your look. And, bonus Little Mermaid fact, did you know that artists had to create an entirely new shade of blue-green for Ariel’s tail? That means she’s the only mermaid with that color tail in the whole film–pretty unique.

Have Perfect Hair


Whether on land or under the water, this girl’s hair is always amazing and gravity-defying. Under the sea, her hair maintains shape, is long and glorious, and has enough volume to achieve her trademark shelf-bangs. On land, the bright red shade is like a built-in pop of color, no matter what outfit she wears (even a wedding dress). How does one acquire such perfect hair? Barring genetics, your one chance at perfect hair might be just the right amount of moisturizing conditioner, balanced with a smoothing serum or balm before a perfectly timed blow-out. If that’s too much work, maybe go for the next style tip…

Be Fashionably Absent


You’ve heard of being fashionably late, yes? Well, Ariel takes it to the next level by being fashionably not there at all. Doesn’t even show up for the concert, which really drives up her mermaid mystique. We’re not going to say this is a polite move, it’s actually the antithesis of, but as long as you’re absent because you’re off having an adventure, then who could really blame you?



Upon turning into a human, Ariel is immediately faced with a fashion challenge: she has (literally) nothing to wear. She and her pals are able to fashion a sleeveless dress from ship sails and rope, and she manages to rock it. The lesson? Whenever you think you don’t have anything to wear, just think of Ariel who ACTUALLY had nothing to wear, and get creative with what you have in your closet. It’s a nice creative challenge, and easier on the wallet. She also uses a fork to comb her hair, that’s just how scrappy she is in a pinch.

Add Some Flowers


Flower crowns and headbands are all the rage right now. Incorporating flowers is an easy way to make a bold accessory statement with something that’s literally just laying around. Plus, they’re just so pretty.

Don’t Be Afraid of Sleeves


Ariel sports not one but two sets of puffy sleeved dressed, one set of which was perched upon her wedding gown! Volume and structure don’t have to be your enemy: embrace the puffy sleeve.

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