Epcot’s World of Motion Part 2 ~ Our Tuesdays With Corey Article!


After getting out of your ride vehicle you would enter the GM TransCenter. The TransCenter was kind of like Innoventions. There were five areas that showcased exhibits throughout the first floor of the pavilion.


  1. The Bird and Robot show – This show was a very popular show during its duration. Over 7 million guests viewed it each year. In the show the toucan named Bird would demonstrate how robots were important in automobile assembly. This was done with the help of Tiger the assembly robot.
  2. Concept 2000 – Concept 2000 gave a look at what advanced automobile design was capable of. Ideas such as an electronic dashboard on the windshield.
  3. Dreamer’s Workshop – This was dedicated to the concept cars of the future and current GM production models. It showcased the Aero 2000, which was an experimental three-cylinder, turbo charged diesel engine. The Aero 2000 was also capable of speaking, hearing and seeing. The Lean Machine was a three-wheeled compact vehicle that looked like a car and motorcycle hybrid. It was pedal operated for leaning like a motorcycle.
  4. Aerotest – This is where guests could design and model a car using a computer.
  5. Concept to Reality – This was a showroom for GM’s current cars and trucks.


In 1992 GM entered into a year-by-year contract agreement after business began to decline. The Imagineers and GM decided to gut the building and design a whole new ride focused only on vehicles. The new ride would open 19 months after the closing of World of Motion. But nothing went as planned and the new ride would open a great deal later than planned.


Sadly World of Motion did finally close in 1996 to make way for the newer and more exciting thrill ride, Test Track. During the final ride for GM executives the ride broke down and all of the riders had to be walked back to the exit.



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