How Well Do You Know Tangled…

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The theatrical release of Maleficent offers fans a chance to revisit one of the original Disney Princesses’ stories from a whole new point of view. But it wasn’t so long ago that a new Disney Princess was introduced and quickly found fans of her own.

We’re talking about Tangled of course, and the movie’s breakout star, Rapunzel! Just how many times have you re-watched this new classic since it came out almost four years ago? If you’re anything like us, it’s more than a few. Now is your chance to see if you’re a Tangled expert:


1.  What is the origin of the magical power Mother Gothel seeks to control?

a) An Ancient Stone

b) A Flower

c) An Enchanted Feather

d) A Dragon’s Claw

2. Which birthday is Rapunzel about to celebrate when Flynn Rider arrives?

a) 15

b) 16

c) 17

d) 18

3. What household item does Rapunzel use for self defense?

a) An Iron

b) A Fireplace Poker

c) A Paintbrush

d) A Frying Pan

4.  Who rides the horse Maximus during the hunt for Flynn Rider?

a) The King

b) Captain of the Guard

c) Chief Prosecutor

d) Castle Detective

5. What is Rapunzel’s pet chameleon’s name?

a) Pascal

b) Patrick

c) Philippe

d) Pedro

6. What cute creature is the local pub named after?

a) A Puppy

b) A Kitten

c) A Duckling

d) A Baby Skunk

7.  According to her song, which is NOT one of Rapunzel’s chores?

a) Sweeping

b) Laundry

c) Candle Making

d) Gardening

8. Finish the line: Standing here, it’s all so clear…

a) The Lights Were Meant For Me

b) I’m Where I’m Meant To Be

c) This Night Was Made For You And Me

d) This Is What It’s Like To Be Free

9.  What is Flynn Rider’s real first name?

a) Eugene

b) Francis

c) Albert

d) Rodney

10. What’s Rapunzel’s favorite soup?

a) Hazelnut

b) Roasted Tomato

c) Vegetable Stew

d) Pumpkin Barley

Scroll Down For The Answers:



1. b) A Flower

2. d) 18

3. d) A Frying Pan

4. b) Captain of the Guard

5. a) Pascal

6. c) A Duckling

7. d) Gardening

8. b) I’m Where I’m Meant To Be

9. a) Eugene

10. a) Hazelnut

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