Life Lessons From Miss Piggy

June 1, 2014 ,

The other day we posted the blog in regards to life lessons you could have learned from Up.  Today, we are posting the Miss Piggy version.  Enjoy!!

Let’s get straight to the point: Miss Piggy is one of the most insightful, beautiful, intelligent, all-knowing entities that exists in all of the universe (or so she tells us). Spanning several feature-film appearances, a countless number of television debuts, a cameo at Disney Parks attractions, and even serving as the editor for Vogue Paris, Miss Piggy has been everywhere and done it all. With that in mind, we gathered the top lessons that Miss Piggy has taught us throughout her illustrious career to date.

1. Always let others do the heavy lifting for you and never take no for an answer. Ever.


2. Live fabulously. Treat everyday as your starring role!


3. Patience is overrated. You want something? Go get it right now.


4. Wear your personality. Also, pearls are a pig’s best friend.


5. Modesty? Puh-lease. Don’t be afraid to belt it. Scream your accomplishments from mountain tops. Now is always the time to shine.


6. Take some time to relax every once in a while with the one you truly love… even if you have to create a dream sequence.


7. No matter how busy you may be, there is always time for a flashy and extravagant musical number.


8. Never turn down the chance for a duet. Especially if it’s with Kermit.


9. Do not joke around when donuts are involved.


10. Travel in style whenever possible.


Our favorite pig certainly has her fair share of advice—which lesson do you think is the most important?


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