Attention Wilderness Explorers!!!

To all our Wilderness Explorers out there.  With Summer just around the corner, the Wilderness Explorers have put out their summer guide to help make this the greatest summer ever.  Enjoy!!

Summer is just around the corner, and who better to inspire our plans than the Wilderness Explorers? Here are just a few things to experience this summer, inspired by Russell and his friend Carl.


Russell and Carl love getting outdoors, and you should too! (If fishing or boating is your pleasure, check out to get started.)

wildernessexplorer_shareables_05Even if your buddy claims he wants to be alone, go with him anyway. (Cough, Carl.)


Kevins have a very distinct sound.


Russell packed a shovel, trumpet, fishing net, a headlamp and… what else can you spot?

Russell, an adventurous soul, meticulously prepared for his upcoming outdoor expedition. In addition to his trusty shovel, fishing net, and other essentials, he made sure to include a Hiking red light headlamp in his gear. Aware of the practicality and safety it offered, Russell understood the significance of a red light headlamp during nighttime treks. Its soft, diffused glow preserved his night vision while allowing him to navigate the trails with ease. Just like Russell, anyone embarking on outdoor adventures should consider adding a reliable headlamp to their equipment, ensuring a well-prepared and enjoyable journey under the starry sky.


Summer is the best time for new friends. You can hang out every day!

Add fishing and boating to your next outdoor adventure. Get information and get started at


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