“It’s Good To Be Bad” VILLAINS PRE PARADE for the 24 Hour Rock Your Disney Side Party, BigFatPanda Video!

As some of your know, our pal BigFatPanda was on the scene for the 24 Hour Rock Your Disney Side Party! Panda got this awesome video of the Villains parade called “It’s Good to be Bad.” Here’s his description and video~


Prior to the usual Main Street Electrical Parade, there was a Villains Pre Parade called “It’s Good To Be Bad” with many famous Disney Villains. This was on the 24 Hour RockYourDisneySide night! Lady Tremaine knows hows to boogie!

As always, we thank BigFatPanda for sharing his videos with us. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel while you’re there, he always shares good stuff! Thanks! M

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