Anatomy of a Disney Character’s Style: Flynn Rider

May 24, 2014 ,

Anyone who knows me, knows that the movie “Tangled” is a huge favorite in our household. Flynn Rider is my favorite Disney Prince of all time. He’s a “real” type of character and he’s very funny and easy to relate to also! I saw this little bit of info on the Disney Style blog and thought I’d share with my fellow Tangled fans! Enjoy!

Oh Flynn Rider, how we love thee. This thief-turned-prince stole our hearts (get it, because he was a thief), and Rapunzel’s heart as well with his dashing good looks and heart of gold. While we tend to get distracted by his smoulder or excellent singing voice, we have always noticed his dapper style. It’s a little rugged, but he executes some seriously good style executions like layers and tucking pants into boots. Also, not many men can pull off a satchel, but of course, Flynn does it with ease. So in conclusion, we salute your #menswear success Flynn. Keep up the good work.


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One thought on “Anatomy of a Disney Character’s Style: Flynn Rider”
  1. Now I don’t know if he stole Rapunzel’s heart or if she stoled his with her frying pan. Oh forget it, I need to watch it again.

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