An Unexpected Random Act of Kindness from Dave Aikins


As most of you know, this past weekend TMSM covered the Motor City Comic Con. We did a lot of work, but also had a great time meeting people and seeing the sights. On the third and final day of the convention, we decided to take the boys, Andrew and Aidan, back there with us so they could check things out. They got to see some amazing Star Wars costumes, met some famous people, and browsed through the various vendor booths to see what they could find.

Sometime in the afternoon, we decided to go back and talk to a Disney artist that we spoke to the day before (article coming). As we were standing at the table, waiting to talk to the Disney guy, my younger son looked over and saw another man sitting there, surrounded by Spongebob Squarepants drawings and books. Yes, we’re a Disney family, and yes, TMSM is a Disney site, but this is a worthy mention because what happened next was nothing short of magical. Aidan was looking at the Spongebob sketches, he loves Spongebob, and he asked the man at the table how much the pictures were. He told the artist that he’s Spongebob’s biggest fan and that he loves all the characters. Come to find out, the man Aidan had been talking to was none other than Spongebob Artist, Dave Aikins. Yes, the man who draws Spongebob and friends for the television show and books!

I pulled Aidan back from the table, I didn’t want him to get his hands on any of the expensive drawings, and we continued to wait on the Disney artist. Then, to our surprise, Dave asks Aidan what his name was… pulls out a pad of paper and started to draw. Within a minute, Dave had drawn Aidan his very own Spongebob sketch, wrote his name on it and signed it. To say Aidan was excited is an understatement. He clapped his hands, jumped up and down, and thanked Mr. Aikins for doing that for him. Once Dave saw how excited and happy Aidan was, he called him back over and said “If you’re that excited over Spongebob, then you need to have more of his friends too!”


Aidan’s face lit up like a Christmas tree! Dave pulled the paper back out, and within minutes, one after the other, he drew Aidan all his favorite characters! Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs….. boom! All of them. All with Aidan’s name on them, all autographed. If you could have seen the look on Aidan’s face, your heart would have just melted. It was amazing! We thanked Dave, and I offered to pay him for the sketches and for his time, you normally have to pay for these things, as you know. Do you think he took the money? Nope! I told him that I at least would by a little book for the sketches, and when I did, he took the book from me and drew Aidan yet another Spongebob inside the cover, personalized and autographed! Talk about an act of kindness, this was just above and beyond, and so unexpected. Dave Aikins is truly a wonderful, kind hearted person. What he did for my boy was awesome, and something we will never forget.


So, while we were at the convention getting the scoop on the Disney related things they had there, we got something a little extra. Yes, we got to meet some Disney people who were wonderful, and we’re grateful for that, but Aidan got something that he never saw coming while waiting on a Disney person. Aidan has had a rough go of it. He’s had health problems since he was 8 months old, he has severe asthma that has had side effects on his little body. You’d never know it, he never complains, he’s always such a sweetheart and people tend to take a liking to him. I don’t know how he does it, but he does. Just by telling Dave Aikins how much he loves Spongebob, he was given something to remember, something that I’m going to turn into a collage for him for his new room actually! Dave Aikins act of kindness made a huge impact on my son, and I can’t thank him enough for that. Just something that may only take a few minutes to do can leave a lasting impression on someone. So, take that extra minute to make someone smile, you never know what good can come of it!

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  1. There are still good hearted people out there. My nephew Tyler has asthma also. His peditrician put him on a gluten free life style change. While it doesn’t stop his asthma attacts he has them less often and they are not as bad as they were before. He does have triggers that we try to advoid. Oh well I enjoyed your article and I could just imagine his reaction. Thank you so much for sharing.

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