DisneyBound Your Hero or Villain Side (or Both) at the Rock Your Disney Side 24-Hour Event on May 23

Disney is releasing lots of information and stories in relation to the Rock Your Disney Side event that is taking place on May 23rd.  Here is another blog from Erin Glover, Social Media Directory Disneyland Resort.  In this blog she talks about what to wear to the event and how to say comfortable and fashionable.

With the Rock Your Disney Side 24-hour event just around the corner, you’re probably trying to decide what to wear. Do you come dressed as your favorite hero or your favorite villain? How do you transition from day to night and stay comfortable (yet stylish) for 24 hours? I took these burning questions to Disney fashion expert Leslie Kay – creator of the Tumblr blog, DisneyBound – for this exclusive Disney Parks Blog interview.

You’ve probably seen guests DisneyBounding (yes, it’s become a verb) here at Disney Parks … you’ve probably even done it yourself! And since guests have the opportunity to come dressed as their favorite Disney hero or villain for the Rock Your Disney Side 24-hour event on May 23, this is the perfect time to make sure your DisneyBound game is on point!

First tell us – what is DisneyBounding?

Leslie: DisneyBounding is a way of expressing your love for Disney through fashion. Using clothes you can find in your closet or at the mall, you can create trendy outfits subtly resembling your favorite Disney character.


Who is your favorite Disney hero (or Disney villain) to create an outfit from?

Leslie: One of my favorite looks to make is for Ping (Mulan’s warrior outfit). Ping’s look always takes on a powerful yet soft look and has always been one I want to wear to the Parks.


What tips do you have for creating an outfit inspired by a Disney hero or villain?

Leslie: Even though Edna Mode may not be in favor of this, many Disney Heroes and Villains have capes. If your Disney Hero or Villain happens to have a cape – I usually like to use a cardigan in a similar color as the cape, and then go on to construct the rest of the outfit under the cardigan.

What should we keep in mind when creating a DisneyBound outfit to wear for 24 hours?

Leslie: Make sure your outfit is versatile and comfortable enough to last you an entire day. Remember, you may start off with a warm sunny morning, run into a monsoon in the afternoon, face a cooler evening and be totally over what you’re wearing by 2am. I would suggest bringing a second outfit in your backpack, just in case you care for a change at some point during the day.

If you don’t want to bring a second outfit – layers will be your best friend. This will ensure you stay in DisneyBound character while encountering various temperature and event changes.


If I wanted to start the day as a hero, then transform into a villain after dark, what kinds of pieces are easy to pack and change?

Leslie: Again, layers are a great way to easily shift your look around. Off the top of my head Hercules and Hades could make for an easy quick change. Both Hercules and Hades have blue within their outfits. You could swap out tan and brown pieces (Hercules) for grey pieces (Hades) while still sporting Hercules’ blue cape. Another really easy one would be Simba and Scar. Keeping chocolate-brown color as the base of your outfit, you can switch out Simba’s golden tones for Scar’s black-brown tones within your outfit and essentially keep the same accessories from day to night!


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