“Frozen” Coming to Disney on Ice!

May 20, 2014 ,


The Frozen frenzy continues! The Walt Disney Company has announced plans for an ice skating spectacular based around the movie “Frozen” set to begin this September as part of the Disney on Ice production.

The Disney on Ice version of Frozen will be like a touring Broadway musical that includes 39 performers and 9 tractor trailers to move the set from city to city. Feld Entertainment, who owns the licensing for Disney on Ice said that guests can expect a blizzard courtesy of 20 snow machines, a stage with a 6 sided snowflake and towering video panels that would simulate the movies jagged North Mountains. The whole idea is to make patrons feel like they’re in the middle of the actual movie, surrounded by the music and scenery of Frozen. I’m sure it will be a hit. The Frozen Disney on Ice productions begins in September and kicks off in Orlando FL. More info to follow!

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