Disneyland Resort Raises Ticket Prices, Suspends SoCal Annual Passport


School is almost out, and people are getting ready to head to their favorite Disney location for a much needed vacation! For guests headed to the Disneyland Resort in California, this info pertains to you! Disney has raised prices at the Disneyland resort as follows:

Admission prices for a single ticket to the park for guests 10 years old and up is now $96, an increase of $4. An adult park hopper pass to Disneyland and California Adventure is now $150, up from $137.

Disney also has suspended new sales of its SoCal Annual Passport. The popular pass for locals enabled access to the park on weekends, when attendance is at its highest. A SoCal Select annual pass, for $289, is still available but cannot be used on weekends.

Renewals are still being granted to those with SoCal passes that expired in the last three months.

But prices have increased for SoCal Select (by $10), while a Deluxe pass now sells for $519, up $20; Premium is $699, up $30 to $699; and Premier is now increasing $50 to $1,029.

Prices went into effect yesterday, with no announcement ahead of time. This was in addition to the increased ticket prices that went into effect earlier for the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. We hope this helps give you a heads up for your summer vacation planning!

*Photo courtesy of Byron Ngalongalay

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  1. Question: as long as I have already booked and paid the deposit for our trip this August, we won’t have to pay the increased prices, correct?

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