First Star Wars Episode VII Photos Make Their Way To Instagram

May 17, 2014 ,

A pair of early photos have emerged from the highly secretive sets of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. These sneaky shots made their way to the web via the official Star Wars Instagram account.

The first shot features a film slate with the official logo for the film. The second is a look at the exterior of Pinewood Studios in the UK, which has been outfitted with some tantalizing signage that reads “VII – NOW FILMING”.



I’m sure there are many, who seeing these are disappointed this is all that they released.  For the SW fans, we have been waiting for a very long time for this progress.  Since the photo of the cast made it’s way to the net, now this.  Things are moving along which is great news.   As more news and more exciting pictures surface we will be sure to pass them along.


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