How To Pose, From Captain Jack Sparrow

It’s very well known fact, at The Main Street Mouse we are very big fans of Captain Jack Sparrow.  From his catchy lines to the way he can escape any situation he finds himself in, we really enjoy everything he does on the big screen.  The Disney Insider blog put together some of the most famous stills from the Pirates of the Caribbean films in order to show us how Captain Jack posed for all his shots.

Captain Jack Sparrow… the man, the myth, the legend. This swashbuckling pirate is great at lots of things, like witty comebacks, captaining The Black Pearl, and tomfoolery. What you may have not realized though, is that Captain Jack Sparrow is a pro at posing. Here’s what we think our favorite pirate would say if he could give modeling lessons:

A stare that’s just off camera says “bring me that horizon.”


When doing a side profile shot, darker light will you give a more mysterious look.


Props are also helpful when posing, like a piece of cursed Aztec gold…


… or some giant tropical leaves.


It’s really all in the eyes, though.


Use negative space when possible.


If you’re looking for different types of light, plan your poses at sunrise or sunset.


When doing full length pictures, use different angles with your body to create contrast.


Don’t forget to make use of your hands while posing.


Angled face + small smirk = perfection.


A nonchalant approach will always win over a crowd (even if they’re British soldiers).


When the crowd turns against you, all posing tips go out the window.



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