ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” has a BIG finale for their season!

May 12, 2014



Fans of the television show “Once Upon A Time” on ABC were treated to a huge finale to their season last night. The buzz today was the teaser at the end, that Elsa from Frozen will be appearing next season, to the delight of many viewers. The Snow Queen is coming to Once Upon A Time!

Prior to the finale, executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were nervous about the big reveal leaking. “I hope people are as excited about it as we are,” Horowitz told The Hollywood Reporter at the time. It’s no surprise the series used the finale as a platform to tee up season four; producers have used venues like Comic-Con to announce iconic fairy tale characters’ entrances, as they did with Captain Hook and the Little Mermaid/Ariel.

The big moments from the finale:

– Rumplestiltskin and Belle are now married.
– Regina’s quest for a happy life turned out to be temporary, as the woman Emma and Hook brought back through the time portal (who was supposed to be dead) turned out to be Maid Marian, Robin Hood’s dead wife. Let’s just say the Evil in Evil Queen came roaring back.
– Hook and Emma coupled up. He also revealed how he got to her in the first place – plus, he sold his ship for Emma. That counts for a lot.
– Snow and Charming’s newborn son’s name: Prince Neal, after the heroic Neal, who saved everyone by sacrificing himself.

That about sums up the Season Finale for “Once Upon A Time!” Will you be tuning in for season four? Who should play the Snow Queen?

*Info courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter

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