Shopping at Walt Disney World, Part 2

May 6, 2014


Last week I did a blog on my favorite places to shop at Walt Disney World, and it got some great feedback. Some of our readers asked me to do a continuation of my favorite Disney shops, and talk about more great places on Disney property to get your shop on! Of course I’m obliging the request! Part of my Walt Disney World experience must always include shopping! Yes, I love the sights, the rides, the characters, the food….. but shopping…. oh my! In the last blog, I covered Mouse Gear, World of Disney, Basin, Island Mercantile and Villains in Vogue. Let’s continue on with some favorite shops! Here are some more of my favorite things…. when it comes to WDW shopping:

The Emporium ~ Magic Kingdom

Like most Disney-goers, one of my favorite places to shop on Disney property is the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom. The Emporium is the first shop you’ll see to your left when approaching Main Street USA. Yes, the Emporium starts at the front of Main Street, but it stretches all the way down to the back towards Cinderella Castle. In the Emporium you can find a huge variety of Disney souvenirs that will be pleasing to any member of your travel group! From clothing to jewelry, from mugs to photo albums. Guests can find just about anything at the Emporium. It’s also my last stop before leaving the Magic Kingdom at night. I love to take one last walk through, just to make sure I got all the MK goodies that I wanted! The Emporium at Magic Kingdom Park is most surely a must do!

Tren-D ~ Downtown Disney Marketplace

It’s no secret, I love shopping at Downtown Disney. There are so many fun and unique things through the various stores to check out. One store that I’ve grown to love is Tren-D. Tren-D is a Disney fashionista’s paradise! They have many current trends, with a Disney flare to them. Tren-D carries brands like Dooney and Bourke, Beautifully Disney Cosmetics, and Disney Couture. If you’re looking for some fashionable fun with the latest trends and styles that include a Disney touch, then Trend-D is a place you’ll want to make a stop at. It’s really fun!

Disney Outfitters ~ Animal Kingdom

Like I said in the last shopping blog, shopping at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a lot of fun. At Disney Outfitters, you can find animal print Disney clothing and souvenirs that you can’t find at other places on Disney property. Just like with Mouse Gear at Epcot, I highly suggest if you see something at Disney Outfitters or any other shop at Animal Kingdom, that you grab it while you can. It’s not often that you’ll find animal print souvenirs in other shops on Disney property! So grab that zebra printed Mickey head t-shirt, or you may miss out!


Tatooine Traders ~ Disney Hollywood Studios

Being a Mom of two boys, one store that we always have to stop at is Tatooine Traders at Hollywood Studios. Located at Star Tours, Tatooine Traders is a Star Wars fans must do shopping spot. Here, you can find a huge assortment of Star Wars souvenirs, including action figures, game sets, stuffed animals, shirts, key chains, etc. Also, guests can build their own Light Saber! My boys did the build your own light saber thing, and they loved it! If you’re a Star Wars fan, then Tatooine Traders is a place that you’re sure to enjoy! May the Force (and your wallet) be with you!

The Living Seas Shop ~ Epcot

Located inside The Living Seas with Nemo at Futureworld, is The Living Seas Shop. If you’re a fan of Nemo and friends, then you’ll love this store. Not only does it have a great theme to go along with the surroundings of the Living Seas and all the entertainment it has to offer, it’s a cool place to hang out on a hot day and browse through some Nemo and sea creature themed merchandise. Don’t forget, inside The Living Seas, there are some great photo opportunities there, like sitting inside Bruce the Shark from Nemo! Fish are Friends, not food!

This wraps up blog 2 of my Shopping at Walt Disney World Resort series! I hope you found this useful, or at least found it to bring back some of your favorite Disney memories! As always, feel free to add your opinions as well, I always appreciate feedback from our readers! Until next time, happy shopping!

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