Monsters University Vinyl Collectible Set

Recently, Sideshow Collectibles asked me to do a review of one of their products.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity.  I was very excited to review whatever they had for me, but in even better news it was a Monsters University Set featuring Mike, Sulley and even little Archie.  Now anyone who knows me, knows I’m a big Pixar fan and love anything that is collectible from the Pixar Universe.  I’m also a big Monster’s fan so I couldn’t wait for my shipment to arrive.

Of course after I was contacted about the set, I found it on their site so I could see what it was going to look like.  The first picture I saw of the set was this:

mike, sulley, archie

After seeing the picture, I thought how great of a piece this will be for any Pixar and Monsters fan to have.

Well after a few days, the big brown truck pulled up outside and I knew it was my shipment.  The box was much larger than I thought it would be.  I carefully opened the packaging which was very sturdy and protected the shipment very well.

Photo May 05, 9 46 47 AM

After opening the outside box, I saw the familiar Monsters font and writing. Looking into the box I could see the backdrop was part of the packaging so the display was included.

Photo May 05, 9 47 30 AM

Photo May 05, 9 48 49 AM

I carefully opened the box, I’ve always been the type of person to unpack something so that I can put it all back in the packaging to keep it secure.

Photo May 05, 9 47 49 AM

Photo May 01, 3 45 13 PM

As you can see, the characters are very detailed.  That is one thing I can’t say enough or really make someone understand over a message.  They look great in photos, but to see them up close and actually look into the detail you will be shocked.  The figures are a good weight, not too light that you worry about having to be over careful with them.  They are very high quality.  I know in other figures I have gotten over the years from stores, trying to stand them straight without anything holding them up, they never seem to work well.  In this case, Sulley and Mike are not attached in anyway, but weighted so that Sulley is not dependent on Mike to hold him up.   They stand perfectly straight, no balancing is required to make it look good.




From the picture you can obviously tell that Sulley is the largest of the three.  He stands about 9″ tall wearing his Monsters University Varsity Jacket.  Mike is attached to the pile of books under his feet and standing about 5″ tall.  He also is wearing his Varsity Jacket.  Archie stands about 2″ tall and the detail on him is amazing for such a small piece.

Mike Sulley Archie

I would highly recommend the Monsters University set for any Pixar/Monsters collector or just for any Toy collector.  I can’t see anyone being disappointed with this product.  It’s a nice piece that can be displayed in the box or out of it.  Sideshow Collectible’s products are very good quality and the attention to detail is amazing.  They have many other figures on their site available for purchase if you aren’t a Pixar or Monster’s fan.  They even have Star Wars and Marvel figures and some full size figures.  I would highly suggest you go to their website at and look around.  On a side note, they also have a payment plans available for most items I have seen.

Sideshow also does a lot of giveaways and contests, so follow them on twitter @collectsideshow, other social networks and sign up for their newsletter on their website and you will be notified of giveaways.

I appreciate Sideshow Collectibles allowing me to review this product for them and I hope to show you more products in the future from Sideshow Collectibles.


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