Possible Information on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Not sure if this is any indication to the Mine Train opening, but I wanted to share.  If you go to Disney’s Website page for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, you will see a little box over the main picture.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Page Link

After clicking that, a screen comes up saying Miners Wanted and training begins in 14 days.  Click on the Join the Crew sign and you will get your dwarf name.  You will answer a few multiple choice questions and then be presented with your name and now you are a dwarf.  You will be given an explanation of your name, be able to share it on Facebook and Twitter, and download your copy of the Miner’s Handbook.

The statement on this page that I’m wondering about is:

Come back May 18 to finish your training

Now is this an indication that the ride maybe opened on the 18th?  Or is this for a game that will become available for training and then the ride will open shortly after that?

To be honest, this is all speculation about what this could mean, but we wanted to share it with all our readers so you can get your Dwarf name at least.  Stay tuned to TMSM for more info as we hear it!

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