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In the past week or so, I’ve received a lot of messages from readers, asking if I knew if and when Free Dining specials were going to be offered at the Walt Disney World Resort. We don’t report on rumors at TMSM, so there hasn’t been anything “official” from Disney directly to report on. We are waiting to hear the latest news, just like everyone else, but can’t say for sure what the offers will be. As soon as we get the official word from Disney, we will report to all of our members immediately. Since Facebook has changed how business pages are shown in fan news feeds, we will be sending out an email of the latest deals as soon as they hit. Be sure to sign up for membership on TMSM so you will receive the latest breaking news. Stay tuned, we’re keeping watch for all the latest and greatest news for our Main Streeters! More to follow!

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2 thoughts on “Are you waiting for Disney travel specials? Join our list!”
  1. I was wondering if when they give the free dining specials it is for when you book or the dates you are going? I would like to be informed of any specials for my time frame even though it is like a year away .

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