We are getting close to the 25th anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The Disney Parks Blog’s authors have been releasing stories about some of the attractions from when the park first opened.  Today’s story is about The Magic of Disney Animation by Nate Rasmussen.

When Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened The Magic of Disney Animation gave a firsthand look inside the interworking of Walt Disney Animation Florida.

hyy938921-613x948This behind-the-scenes tour began with the short film “Back to Never Land” taking guests on a journey through the animation process.hyy367332-613x418Afterwards, guests had the opportunity to peer through glass walls to witness members of the animation team at work. guests also had the opportunity to watch an animator sketch a Disney character right before their eyes.

hyy456223-613x417Walt Disney Animation Florida was responsible for the primary production of three full-length animated feature films – Mulan, Lilo and Stitch, and Brother Bear. They also produced three animation shorts, “Off His Rockers,” and two Roger Rabbit Cartoons – “Trail Mix-Up” and “Roller Coaster Rabbit.”

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