Official Previews and complete Star Wars Weekends Vinylmation Release Schedule

Friend of TMSM Greg at put out this blog about the details of the Star Wars Vinylmations being released with Star Wars Weekends and other Star Wars Vinylmation releases.  He posted this on the 22nd, sorry for the delay in getting out this information.

Earlier tonight Disney hosted a Disney Trading Night at Walt Disney World.  While many photos of the new Star Wars Vinylmations surfaced very quickly, Disney was also quick in posting a few official previews.  Below is a look at the upcoming Luke/Yoda Dagobah Vinylmation set, Hologram Emperor Palpatine and Bossk from Star Wars Series 4 that were released earlier tonight.  We’ve also included the release information for all of these Vinylmations and/or their series over the course of the 5 Star Wars Weekends. Also, while it’s not actually a part of the Star Wars Weekends Vinylmation releases, we’ve also included information about the upcoming Chip & Dale Ewok Vinylmation set.

Chip and Dale Ewok Vinylmation Set (Release date: 5/9/14, LE 1500, $29.95 per set)

Chip and Dale

Star Wars Series 4 (Release date 5/16 at WDW, 5/19 at DLR) 

Structure: Blind Box Series of 12 (11 Regular Vinylmations, 1 Chaser and 1 Variant): Snow Tropper, Hoth Luke, Hoth Han Solo, Bossk, Dahobah R2-D2
Artist:  Thomas Scott, Casey Jones and Maria Clapsis
Price: $12.95 per blind box, $310.80 per case



Star Wars R2 Eachez (Limited Release, 5/16/14)

R2 Eachez

Luke 3″ and Yoda Jr. Dagobah Vinylmation Set (Release date: 5/23/14, LE 2000, $29.95 per set)

Luke and Yoda

Rancor 9″ & Malakili 3″ Vinylmation Set (Release date: 5/30/14, LE 2000, $59.95 per set)

Rancor and Malakili

Hologram Emperor Palpatine Vinylmation (Release date: 6/6/14, LE 2000, 6/6/14, $16.95 each)

Hologram Emperor

Surprise Star Wars Weekends Vinylmation Release ( Release date: 6/13/14)

If you are a Vinylmation collector, you will want to go to and check out the site.  They have all the sets to view, check lists to print out and save.  They even have a way to keep track of your collection virtually.  Make sure you check out and set up your account.


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