Making Random Acts of Kindness Thursdays a Mission!


As most of our readers know, each Thursday at TMSM is dedicated to sharing stories of Random Acts of Kindness. This can be done by sharing a story of Disney magic that was done by a Cast Member, a stranger, or even one that the person had done themselves. Sharing stories of hope and love is a reprieve from the day to day hardships and complaints that most of us deal with, it’s a good thing.

TMSM was started 4 years ago. Through many struggles and trials, we persevered, moved forward, and worked to make it the success it is today. It wasn’t easy, and there were times I wanted to give up, and almost did. It’s the kindness and Disney magic that others showed towards us that kept that dream alive. I had made a deal with God, that if He gave me a platform to share what I love, that I’d use that platform for something good, and remember to be thankful and pay it forward. That’s how Random Acts of Kindness Thursday came about. I’ve gotten so many amazing stories of compassion and love since then, it’s been truly rewarding, and I thank you all for that.

To keep the kindness going, I’d love for our members to share their stories with us each week. Not only share a act of kindness that was done to you, but with you doing something special for someone else. If each Main Streeter did something kind for someone each week, even if you just brightened someone’s day who needed it, imagine how many smiles and happy hearts we could have out there! Disney makes a difference to so many peoples lives, I’d love it if TMSM could do the same! That to me is a Disney Dream come True!! So, please, do something kind for someone, you never know who could really use it. Let’s share that Disney Magic and love that comes from our Main Streeters each week!

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