How Well Do You Know… The Lion King?

April 24, 2014 ,

Is your life motto “be prepared” or are you more of a “Hakuna Matata” type? Let’s see just how prepared you are to answer questions about Disney’s saga of the Pride Lands.


1. Which of the following is NOT one of the film’s hyenas?
A. Shenzi
B. Banzai
C. Fonzi
D. Ed

2. Exactly what type of animal is Rafiki?
A. Ape
B. Tamarin
C. Mandrill
D. Chimpanzee

3. In which language does “Simba” mean “lion”?
A. Portuguese
B. Spanish
C. Yoruba
D. Swahili

4. Finish the lyric: I’ve never seen a king of beasts with…
A. Such a Puny Roar
B. Quite So Little Hair
C. A Teenaged Attitude
D. Out A Royal Throne

5. To Timon, what do grubs taste like?
A. Chicken
B. Pudding
C. Heaven
D. Beetles

6. Where is Scar’s scar?
A. His Left Eye
B. His Right Eye
C. Across His Neck
D. Down His Chest

7. After Simba is lured into the gorge by Scar, what type of animals come stampeding through?
A. Buffalo
B. Rhinos
C. Gazelles
D. Wildebeests

8. Which of the following animals is not named in Zazu’s morning report?
A. Ostriches
B. Leopards
C. Elephants
D. Cheetahs

9. What location is Simba specifically forbidden from traveling to?
A. The Rhino Watering Hole
B. The Cheetah Hunting Ground
C. The Elephant Graveyard
D. The Giraffe Sunbathing Spot

10. What pop star wrote the film’s famous songs?
A. Michael Jackson
B. Phil Collins
C. Sting
D. Elton John


Scroll down to see how well you did

1.  C. Fonzi
2. C. Mandrill
3.  D. Swahili
4. B. Quite So Little Hair
5. A. Chicken
6. A. His Left Eye
7. D. Wildebeests
8.  A. Ostriches
9.  C. The Elephant Graveyard
10.  D. Elton John

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