Mickey’s Kitchen Sink ~ Magic Kingdom

April 21, 2014


Most of you know about the Kitchen Sink ice cream dessert at Beaches and Cream at the Walt Disney World Resort. It’s a ridiculous amount of ice cream, different flavors and such, all thrown into one. It’s huge, and something that can be shared by multiple people. Well, now, you can get something similar at the Magic Kingdom!

The Magic Kingdom now features “Mickey’s Kitchen Sink” for folks to share and is available at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street! It’s the same concept as the above mentioned dessert, but it comes in a Mickey’s Pants themed bowl. For $14.99, you get a heap load of ice cream, in a festive bowl that you get to keep! It’s a hefty price, but keeping the cute bowl is a good bonus. So, now us foodies have something else to look forward to while visiting the MK! Special thanks to my CM friend Lorraine for the photo and info!

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One thought on “Mickey’s Kitchen Sink ~ Magic Kingdom”
  1. Is it really only a glorified hot fudge sundae? Further research would indicate it only has three scoops of ice cream. 14 bucks is a lot to pay for the Mickey shorts.

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