The History of the Walt Disney World Monorail: Mark VI, 1989-Present

Here is a little walk down history lane with Nate Rasmussen, Archivist, Marketing Resource Center from the Disney Parks Blog.

The Mark VI Monorail made its debut at Walt Disney World Resort in June 1989. Below is a look at one of the first trains being loaded onto the monorail track.

DWM069532-613x412The Mark VI trains had wider monorail doors, improved air conditioning (great for that warm, summer Florida weather) and communication systems and increased interior height for standees.


The first two Mark VI Monorails were operated and tested at night without guests until December 1989 when Monorail Blue started transporting guests. This new fleet of monorail trains, built by Bombardier, increased guest capacity by 30 percent.

DWM069535-613x874Today, the Mark VI Monorail trains carry an average of 16 million passengers annually at the Walt Disney World Resort, and is still one of the coolest “non-attraction” attractions, in my opinion, at Walt Disney World Resort.

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  1. If I’m right, you can’t sit up front with the conductor anymore, but my cousin got married at the wedding pavilion in February of 2008. We got to sit up with the conductor in all our formalwear and ride the monorail by ourselves. So cool. So special.

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