Family Fun at the Crystal Palace, Magic Kingdom!


Are you a Disney creature of habit? Do you tend to visit the same restaurants and attractions while visiting your favorite Disney Park? I know I am! Once place that we always make a point to visit while in WDW is the Crystal Palace at the Magic Kingdom.

The Crystal Palace is a buffet styled Character meal, filled with Winnie the Pooh and his Friends! It’s located just off of Main Street USA, with a beautiful view of Cinderella Castle from the front of the building. The Crystal Palace has a Victorian feel to it, almost like a greenhouse, with plenty of gilding, beautifully cut glass and wide, high windows. The interior has a very formal look, but it’s not formal at all, it’s actually very relaxed and fun for kids of all ages! There is plenty of room between tables for Pooh and friends to come by and visit, sign autographs, and take pictures with your group.

You can eat at the Crystal Palace at any time of day, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner! The stuffed french toast at breakfast is a favorite of mine, and the different pastas are great for meals later in the day. One thing I like is the kids buffet area, which always has comfort foods like chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and french fries. You can also make your own sundae, as well as choose from various pastries and other baked desserts. There is always enough variety on the buffet, so we’ve never had a problem finding something that we all like to eat, which is a plus!

I think that the Crystal Palace is one of the best Character Dinners at Walt Disney World. There’s just something about it that is enjoyable. Even though my kids are bigger, and they’re not really into the Pooh characters, they still love it there! I think it’s a combination of location, atmosphere, service, and a variety of food that makes it such a great place to keep going back to. I know many of you are fans of this Character dining experience, we are too. If you haven’t tried eating at the Crystal Palace yet, you should give it a go! Remember your camera and autograph books! The relaxed and fun atmosphere the Crystal Palace offers just adds to the magic of a Disney vacation!


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  1. I love it here! We go every time. The only time I can remember not going was in 2011. We planned a last-minute trip over spring break, and because of the busy time of year and planning last minute, we couldn’t get a reservation. I was disappointed, but we swapped that meal for Hoop-Dee-Do. You can’t really go wrong with Disney Dining.
    Tip for especially first time visitors: make a reservation before the park opens. It gives you an unobstructed view of the castle as you walk down a practically empty Main Street! Prefect photo opportunity.

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