Who Is Your Favorite Dwarf?

As fans wait to hear the exact date the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will open, let’s take a look at what your favorite Dwarf says about you.



If you love this adorably hat-adorned dwarf, you’re clearly someone who understands the fine art of silence. With a relaxed sensibility and a hearty appreciation for the outrageously cute, you prefer to root for the one who can speak volumes with just a smile. You’re also probably great at belting a tunic over pants. And that’s saying something.



When the spring season comes, your cabinets are filled with tissues and eye drops. You probably appreciate this guy’s plight because you’re all-too-familiar with that feeling when you know you’re about to achoo. But you’re also a fan of the often-comedic timing of a well-placed sneeze, which means your sense of humor is really right on track.


Your favorite dwarf is Sleepy, which means you see the virtue in a well-deserved snooze. While others may mistake this little guy for apathetic, you know he’s actually just maximizing awake moments and making good use of his dreams. Anyone can be a fan of a dwarf who has a lot to say or is cheek-reddening adorable, but all that talk and blushing just makes you want to take a big nap.


You’re the Carl to everyone’s Ellie and Russell (metaphorically, of course.) People have tried to get you to turn that frown upside down, but you rather like yourself just the way you are. Someone has to be the realistic, reasonable, and slightly jaded one to round out the bunch, right? Just remember: uncrossing your arms every once in a while won’t ruin your street cred.


Ah, the shy one. When it comes to your dealings with others, you’re prone to blushing and have a hard time with compliments. But you’re also the loveable one people gravitate to because there’s something endlessly endearing about your sensibility.


You’re probably the leader of your pack, so you know the time and effort it takes to be that guy. Things you’re great at include: wearing glasses, looking smart, being confident, being a confidant, and knowing just what to do. You appreciate order and reason, but you’re always game for a little fun along the way.


While some may write you off as being winningly naive, you know that you just prefer a world where everyone can see things from the optimistic side of the street. A smile is your go-to for all appropriate situations, and saying you’ve been described as jolly would be an understatement. On the less-than-ideal side, you may also relate to this dwarf because you have trouble with dancing. It’s tough to keep your feet in rhythm; we hear ya.

So which one is your favorite, and how accurate is the description?  Tell us about it in the comments section below and on Facebook.



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